Neuro X Institute
The alliance of neurosciences, neurotechnology and neurocomputation,
for medicine

Neuro X Institute: cross-fertilization of three research domains

Neurotechnology is a major emerging techno-economic trend.  In 2022, building on a decade of pioneering translational research at the EPFL Center for Neuroprosthetics (CNP), EPFL has taken a major institutional step with the establishment of Neuro X , a tri-school Institute, and an interdisciplinary Master curriculum, to train scientists and engineers, and lead translational neurotechnologies. Neuro X embraces the polytechnic approach from EPFL to explore functions in the healthy and impaired nervous system, design innovative approaches to read from and write into the nervous system and translate these novel techniques towards patient’s benefits. Neuro X scientists and engineers conduct research along three main areas:

_ Neurosciences

We investigate the anatomy and function of brain circuits from molecules to functional MRI.

_ Neural Engineering

We conceive, manufacture, validate implantable and wearable neural interfaces.

_ Neurocomputation

We model and simulate how the brain works leveraging advances in artificial intelligence ad machine learning and use this new knowledge to derive innovative computing schemes and algorithms.

The cross-fertilization of these three research domains in a continuous translational effort will allow us to dramatically accelerate the pace of delivery of new therapies to patients, in collaboration with our clinical partners (CHUV, HUG, CRR in Switzerland and multiple clinical institutions worldwide).

The Neuro X Institute is not only a three-school institute, a première at EPFL, but also operates on several sites.

With its main hub at the vibrant Campus Biotech, where we work and share experimental resources with our colleagues from the University of Geneva and Geneva University Hospital. We also operate clinical interfaces in Lausanne (NeuroRestore) and Sion (with the Clinique Romande de Réhabilitation). These multiple facets of our activities reflect our burgeoning and collaborative way of working, crossing the boundaries of campuses and disciplines to better build the future of neurotherapies.

Our locations

Building the future of neurotherapies also requires training the next generation of engineers and researchers who will pursue our endeavor.

The Neuro X section offers a new master program, that will train students in fundamental neurosciences, neurotechnologies and artificial intelligence. This broad curriculum will allow future EPFL engineers to contribute to fundamental or translational research, clinical applications, product development… in academic research, clinical settings as well as in the medtech industry.

Our Neuro X master

Our commitment to deliver therapies to patients implies, in medtech more than in other domains, working hand-in hand with industrial partners of all scales.

In many instances, our collaborators have developed an entrepreneurial spirit, which has led in the past to the creation of many successful companies. Bringing together neuroscientists, engineers, computer scientists and physicians under one roof is poised to even accelerate the pace of value creation.

Our partnerships

Because we always have patients in mind, we humbly know that no single research group has a definitive answer to brain and neural disorders. We are thus always happy to discuss new ideas, new collaborations.

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Neurotechnology, by means of non-invasive, wearable or implantable interfaces, offers opportunities

to communicate with the nervous system to diagnose, prevent and treat neurological disorders and their consequences.

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