Research and innovation

Since 2015, our researchers have filed more than 45 patents, 15 of which were licensed. In addition, our professors, or collaborators from our labs, have contributed to the launch of several companies.


Founded in 2012, MindMaze is a global leader in brain technology with a mission to accelerate humanity’s ability to recover, learn and adapt. With over a decade of work at the intersection of neuroscience, biosensing, engineering, mixed reality and artificial intelligence, we have enhanced the recovery potential of patients with neurological diseases.


Onward develops technologies to allow people with Spinal Cord Injury to move again. In addition, spinal cord stimulation techniques may also allow improved bladder control, sexual function, and blood pressure regulation.



Intento, founded in 2016 and acquired by Mindmaze in 2018, builds simple, evidence-based solutions that have the potential to significantly improve the rehabilitation process and empower therapists to deliver more effective care.


SensArs treats chronic neuropathic pain and reduces movement disability due to sensory loss by highly selective peripheral nerve stimulation.



IMVERSE is a B2B2C company providing voxel solutions for Live Holograms and Real-Time 3D Graphics with applications across Social Media, Entertainment, Gaming, Education, Marketing & E-Commerce, Remote Work & Training, Teleconferencing.



Neurosoft Bioelectronics develops soft electrodes for recording and stimulation of the surface of the brain (for example to be used in drug-resistant epilepsy or tinnitus).




Metaphysiks develops technologies to sensory experiences with live emotions, connecting the body to the digital word.

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