The Neuro X master

A broad and multidisciplinary training

The Neuro X section offers the Neuro X master, which aims at providing students from various backgrounds a broad and multidisciplinary training in:

  • Foundations of neurosciences
  • Computational neuroscience
  • Neuroengineering

The breadth of the curriculum enables students that graduate from the program to work for clinical applications, product development, fundamental or translational research, either with an experimental or information-technology oriented bend.

Thanks to their interdisciplinary profile, graduates have the opportunity to become future leaders, start-up managers, or innovative health professionals in the industry (MedTech, pharmaceutical companies or health care), in hospitals and in research in general. Their ability to see the big picture in terms of systems combined with a realistic perspective of what it means to develop a product makes them highly esteemed professionals able to interact with experts from many other domains.

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