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Two first Neuro X PostDoc Fellows selected!

Sara Stampacchia and Christina Grimm selected as the two first Neuro X Postdoctoral Fellows

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TNE makes the cover of Nature Reviews Bioengineering

Neuro X researchers from TNE made the June cover of Nature Reviews Bioengineering

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New real-time guidable-tip wire for surgically treating strokes

News date : 2023-07-12

Authors : Cécilia Carron

The EPFL School of Engineering spin-off Artiria has developed a wire with a guidable tip that makes it easier for neurosurgeons to navigate the dense network of cerebral arteries and get to the source of strokes. Its system has just received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Amputees feel warmth in their missing hand

News date : 2023-07-12

An unexpected discovery about temperature feedback has led to new bionic technology that allows amputees to sense the temperature of objects ­– both hot and cold – directly in the phantom hand. The technology opens up new avenues for non-invasive prosthetics.

Deployable electrodes for minimally invasive craniosurgery

News date : 2023-07-12

Authors : Hillary Sanctuary

EPFL scientists have developed electrode arrays that can be funneled through a small hole in the skull and deployed over a relatively large surface over the brain’s cortex. The technology may be particularly useful for providing minimally invasive solutions for epileptic patients.

Predict what a mouse sees by decoding brain signals

News date : 2023-07-12

Authors : Mediacom

A research team from EPFL has developed a novel machine-learning algorithm that can reveal the hidden structure in data recorded from the brain, predicting complex information such as what mice see.

“Next step: learning how we can repair injured spinal cord”

News date : 2023-04-20

Authors : Clara Marc

After eight years of research aimed at improving the lives of patients with a spinal-cord injury, Jordan Squair, an EPFL Group Leader, received the BioInnovation Institute & Science Prize for Innovation. This award recognizes scientists working at the intersection of life sciences and entrepreneurship.

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