Research domains

The list of disciplines that the Neuro X Institute use to develop next-generation therapies is endless.

__ Neurosciences

Multidisciplinary approaches and collaborations are necessary to tackle and understand the complexity of the nervous system, and build the tools to study it. Our activities span the entire spectrum of neural research, from single cell molecular biology to the study of higher order cognitive functions.

__ Neurocomputation

Understanding, modeling and simulating how the brain works requires tremendous advances in artificial intelligence; conversely, this new knowledge will provide new ideas for innovative computing schemes and algorithms.

__ Neurotechnology

Tight collaboration with clinical partners orients research to address patients’ unmet needs and accelerate the translations of new discoveries. We develop non-invasive technologies, such as wearables, robotics, neurostimulation and neurofeedback rehabilitation strategies as well as invasive approaches such as new generation of electrodes, and smart implants, to alleviate the burden of neural disorders.

Neuro X Institute

We make people walk, hear and feel again

Research infrastructures

The Neuro X Institute benefits from world-class research infrastructures, that allow researchers to perform experiments from device prototyping to human clinical neurosciences through preclinical research.
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Principle investigators

The Neuro X Institute is the home of a vibrant community of Principle Investigators, active in various areas of neuro-research.

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Open faculty positions

Two open faculty positions in Neurotechnology, affiliated to the School of Engineering.

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Our partners

Neuro X Institute benefits from three very strong clinical partnerships with highly renowned clinical institutions.

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